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Quick Tour: Step 1 of 3 - Scan the Registry
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Note for machines with multiple operating systems installed.

To begin scanning the Windows® registry, press the Start registry scan button on the main toolbar.

The program displays the Registry Options dialog. See a screenshot.

In this dialog, select the error categories you wish to search for. The categories are:
·paths16 Invalid paths,  
·file_types16 Invalid Registered File Types,  
·activex16 Invalid ActiveX/COM references,  
·font16 Invalid fonts,  
·start_menu16 Obsolete Start Menu items,  
·app_paths16 Invalid application paths,  
·help16 Invalid registered help files,  
·shared_dll16 Invalid shared DLLs,  
·run16 Invalid run entries at system startup,  
·unused_soft16 Unused software entries,  
·known_dll16 Invalid known DLLs,  
·uninstall16 Invalid Uninstall entries;  
·typelib16 Invalid TypeLib references;  
·firewall16 Invalid Firewall rules;  
·empty_key16 Empty keys (in Expert Mode only).  

Your selection will be stored and automatically displayed the next time program runs.
Ticking the "Always show this dialog before scanning the registry" box will ensure this dialog displays before the next scan. Uncheck the box if you do not wish the dialog to display.

See also option Scan all user registry files or only the current user file.

Click OK after you have selected the items to scan. Otherwise click Cancel.

The program will scan the registry for invalid entries in the areas selected. You may stop the scan at any time by clicking the Stop button. After the scan is complete, Registry Healer will search all drives for matches to the invalid entries. To end the process completely, click the Stop button again. To pause the scan, click the Pause button. To resume, click the Pause button again.

See a screenshot

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