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Technical support
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Please read the FAQ section of this help carefully before e-mailing for technical support. You may find the solution there.

Questions and suggestions may be sent to

To help us to identify the problem quickly, please send us a Registry Healer bug-report file.

To create a bug-report file:
1. Go to the Start Menu -> Programs -> Registry Healer -> Send bugreport.
2. A small utility will run and create a file called "RH_bugreport.txt" on your desktop.
3. E-mail this report to
plus a screenshot of the error. Please refer to your e-mail program on how to attach files.

To create a screenshot, press the "Print Scrn" key (above "Insert" on your keyboard). Go to the Start Menu -> Programs -> Accessories and run Paint. Select Edit menu and the Paste command. This will create an image in Paint. Save the image as JPEG file and attach it to your e-mail.

If the program displays an Access Violation error message, a "RH_bugreport.txt" file will be created automatically at the desktop. Please attach this file to your e-mail message.

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