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Your main computer operating instructions are located in a set of mysterious 'Registry Files'. Over time, these files become bloated with obsolete and corrupted entries. Treat these files with Registry Healer for a faster and more stable performance.

After installation and removal of software, the registry becomes full of nagging file references pointing to where the files were stored originally. With the help of Registry Healer you can fix these errors in the Windows® registry.

Registry Healer finds registry entries for orphan file/folder references even if they have moved from their original locations and will correct them. If your registry retains links to deleted files, Registry Healer will find these invalid entries and allows you to correct them.
Registry Healer will also find invalid font references, obsolete Start Menu items, empty registry keys, invalid application paths, invalid registered help files and more. The program permits you to correct them.

Running Registry Healer regularly will keep your registry fit, clean and correct.

See also: The main types of registry problems.

Registry Healer will:
- find and correct invalid file/folder registry references;
- find and delete empty registry keys;
- find and correct invalid font entries;
- find and delete obsolete Start Menu items;
- find and correct invalid application paths;
- find and correct invalid registered help files;
- find and correct invalid shared DLL references;
- find and correct invalid autostart registry references;
- find and delete unused software registry references;
- find and correct invalid known DLLs registry references;
- find and correct invalid registered file types;
- find and correct invalid COM/ActiveX references;
- find and correct invalid uninstall records;
- find and correct invalid TypeLib references;
- find and correct invalid Firewall rules;
- search for all available corrections for invalid entries;
- open folder where invalid registry entry refers to;
- open any invalid registry entry in Windows® RegEdit;
- provide full registry backup before changes are made;
- backup modified only registry entries to RegEdit files, enabling you to restore any registry changes;
- save the list of found invalid entries into text file;
- search the Internet for information about any found invalid registry entry.
- schedule automatic registry scan;

Supported OS: Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 2008, Windows 7, 2012, Windows 8, Windows 10 both 32- and 64-bit.

* support of Windows® 95/98/NT/ME is discontinued. Use Registry Healer 4.5 to work with old Windows® versions.

Be extremely careful when removing registry entries. Always make backup of changed registry entries.

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