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Restore full registry backups in Windows® 98
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This topic is valid for Registry Healer prior to version 5.0. Registry Healer since version 5.0 will not run under Windows 9x/ME.

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To restore a registry backup you must boot into DOS. There are three basic ways to boot into pure DOS.

·If Windows® 98 starts successfuly.  
Two methods of restoring the registry are available: automatic and manual.

Use the Start Menu -> Registry Healer -> Backup -> Registry Restore shortcut or run the program and go to the Action -> Restore the registry from full backup menu command. You will be prompted to restart Windows®. After restarting you will see a restore screen showing the available registry backups.


Boot computer into pure DOS using one of the methods described below in the "Windows® 98 does not start" topic, or restart Windows® in MS-DOS mode.

Once you've loaded the computer in MS-DOS mode, type SCANREG.EXE /RESTORE command. The utility will ask you which backup file you wish to restore. A list of backups similar to the following will be shown:

04/02/02 Not Started RH_backup
04/02/02 Not Started
04/02/02 Not Started RH_backup
04/02/02 Started

Using the arrow keys, select the CAB you require (CABs are archived copies of the Registry). The CAB files are listed by date with the most recent copy at the top. The CABs with the "RH_backup" labels were created by Registry Healer before the registry scans. You can restore either the latest Registry Healer CAB or the most recent CAB created at the system startup (it is labeled "Started").

Once the Registry is restored, use the arrow keys to highlight Exit and then reboot. You should now be able to boot into Windows® 98 normally, just as before you edited the Registry or had a problem.

·If Windows® 98 fails to start.  
You should start computer into pure DOS by holding down the Ctrl key as soon as the BIOS information clears the screen. As soon as the menu appears, press the Space Bar once (or any other key). This will keep the menu active and give you time to read the selections. Choose Command Prompt Only from the menu. You will then be in Pure DOS.
If you are having trouble booting your computer, you can use a Windows® 98 boot floppy disk. It can be created from the Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs -> Windows -> Create boot disk. Of course, this should be done before any problems appear. Insert the disk into the floppy drive and reboot the computer.

Then restore registry using manual method described above in the "Windows® 98 starts successfuly" topic.

Caution! Make sure that your backups are up to date. Restoring from an old backup could be dangerous if major changes have been made to the system or hardware in the meantime. For example, if you have installed Internet Explorer and restore your registry from a backup predating it, your computer may not boot properly or Internet Explorer may not work.

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