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Create full registry backups
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Registry Healer can create a full registry backup before the first scan.
For assistance in restoring the registry from a full backup click on the Help button. The dialog also offers the option of disabling full registry backups. You can check the Never create full backup (not recommended). Please refer to the Appearance settings topic on scheduling full registry backups.

Registry Healer / Windows® registry backup tools.

·Under Windows® 98/ME (only for versions before 5.0)  
The program will launch Windows® Registry scanner and backup utility SCANREGW.EXE. This utility will check the integrity of the registry. When complete, a Registry Scan Results dialog box will show the results and ask if you wish to create a full registry backup. Click the Yes button and SCANREGW.EXE will create a full registry backup with the label "RH_backup". You can use this label later to find a backup file to restore.

·Under Windows® 2000/2003  
Administrator privileges are required.

The program will launch the Windows® 2000 Backup utility in automatic mode if the Create full backup automatically option is enabled. All you need is to define a backup file path at the Select registry error categories dialog. Registry Healer will create the System State backup.

If automatic backup option is disabled, you have to configure the Windows® 2000 Backup utility manually.
To create pure registry backup click the third button in the Welcome page of the Backup utility and select "Backup the registry" checkbox. Floppy disks are not required - simply click Cancel at the prompt. Registry files will be backed up to the system folder "C:\WINNT\repair\RegBack".

You may also create a backup of the System State. The System State can be found on the Backup tab under My Computer. Or use the Backup Wizard and choose the "Only back up the System State data" option. Select the media where you wish to save the back up. The Win2K backup utility backs up not only registry files but also system files, user profiles, and any part of your system required for a complete system restoration.
You can easily back up the Registry by clicking the Start Backup button.

·Under Windows® XP/Vista/Seven  
Administrator privileges are required.

Registry Healer offers automatic and manual backup creation.

In automatic mode (when the Create full backup automatically option is enabled) Registry Healer will silently create a system restore point with the name "Registry Healer registry scan".

In manual mode the program will launch System Restore Wizard which can also be found in Windows® XP in the Start menu -> All Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools -> System Restore, or in Windows® Vista and later from the Control Panel -> System -> System protection.

When System Restore Wizard opens, click "Create a Restore Point" then click Next. Enter a name for the Restore Point, and click Create. The utility will then take a snapshot of your system which can be restored later.

For additional information about System Restore, click Help and Support on the Windows® Start menu. In the Search box, type "system restore", and then press ENTER.

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