Registry Healer Online Help. Windows® Registry Cleaner software. How do I uninstall Registry Healer?
How do I uninstall Registry Healer?
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To uninstall the software, do the following steps:
* Open 'Control Panel' (how to do this please refer to the Windows help);
* Double-click on 'Add/Remove Programs' icon or open 'Programs & Features'
on Windows Vista and above;
* Select the software name from the list and press 'Add/Remove...' button
or double-click on it on Windows Vista and above.

To remove Registry Healer from computer manually you can simply remove registry keys, folders and files created by Registry Healer:
* default installation folder: "C:\Program Files\RH"
* default backup folder: "C:\ProgramData\RH_Backups"
* registry key "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\KsL Software\RH"

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