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Registry Tuner is a program for tweaking Windows (9x, NT and so on) by modifying hidden Windows® settings the Registry. With the help of RegTuner, you can also change the settings of many other programs that keep settings in the Registry. Examples are Internet Explorer and Microsoft Word. RegTuner stores information about registry keys, parameters, their types and comments as a tree with unlimited number of branches. The advantage of this program is that the experienced user can add new registry settings, remove or modify already existing ones. The program is completely transparent, i.e. when you change either a key or a parameter in the registry, you can see which key or parameter it is, in what registry section, and also it's type and value before changes.

RegTuner Data File iconRegTuner Data File is the file with the registry settings for Registry Tuner. The current version contains 380 keys. New registry settings in the latest version...    View all available registry settings...

If you have any interesting information about the Windows Registry and/or if you can add new keys into RegTuner database delivered with the program, you can send it to us. We will include that information into the next versions of the program and will place it on our web site. Please e-mail comments, files, and interesting ideas to:

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