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Registry Healer has two modes:
·Expert Mode with advanced control of the registry corrections.  
·Easy Mode with simple one-click control that includes basic settings by default.  

In Expert Mode Registry Healer will prompt you for:
- strings to be excluded from error checking (see the Add or remove excluded strings topic);
- paths where to search for moved files and folders (see the Add or remove searching paths topic);
- paths to be excluded from searching for corrections (see also the Add or remove excluded searching paths topic).

In Easy Mode Registry Healer will keep last used settings. By default all fixed drives will be searched for corrections.

The option to scan the registry for empty entries is available only in Expert mode. This requires a high knowledge of the operating system and registry. Please read the Empty entries topic.

You may switch between Easy and Expert modes using the top menu: Advanced -> Switch to Expert/Easy Mode. Also Registry Healer contains two shortcuts in the Programs menu: Registry Healer Easy Mode and Registry Healer Expert Mode.

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