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Select corrections for found registry entries
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Please refer to the Select registry entries for correction topic for information on how to select entries for correction.

Each item in the error list consists of three lines:
- error description;
- registry key;
- suggested correction.

Different parts of an item can have different font colors. Colors can be defined in the Advanced Settings dialog. The default colors are:
Registry key and simple text - black font color;
Registry parameter - blue font color;
Invalid value
- red font color;
Suggested correction
- font color depends on the type of correction (see below).

Available corrections are highlighted in the following manner:
Leave the entry without changes - black;
Delete the entry
- olive;
Cut invalid substring
- magenta;
Found correction 1
- green;
Found correction 2
- green;
and etc.

When an item is expanded, all available corrections will be shown for the corresponding entry. The program will suggest the most appropriate correction. However, if you are sure this is incorrect you can choose a different correction from the expanded list below that item. If there are no required correction in the list you can manually edit the registry key. Please refer to the Run registry editor at the selected registry key topic. Please remember to de-select the item to avoid automatic correction.

Each item under the Empty Keys node consists of two lines: (available only in Expert Mode)
- Registry key;
- Suggested correction.
There are two available corrections: "Leave the entry without changes" and "Delete the empty entry". Only entries that cannot be modified by the user have the "Leave the entry without changes" message and the box is unpicked.

See also the Cut Invalid Substring correction help topic.

After selecting the most appropriate corrections, you may apply registry changes by clicking the Heal button.

By answering "Yes" to the confirmation dialog
, the registry will be updated.

If you wish to create a backup (recommended) of the modified registry entries, pick the Save Undo File checkbox and type the path of the backup file in the confirmation dialog. You may create or choose a folder in which to save your backup.

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