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Select registry error categories to scan for
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The Registry Options dialog allows to select error categories which to scan for in the registry. This dialog is shown after clicking on the Start Registry Scan toolbar button before starting the registry scan or after clicking the Show Advanced Settings Dialog. See a screenshot

·Include all user registry files in to the scan option.  

Note: This option is available only if you have full administrator privileges.

Usually, the system has access to only local machine registry file, currently active user registry file and the "Default user" registry file. Registry keys are:[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE], [HKEY_CURRENT_USER] and [HKEY_USERS]\.Default.

But there may be many users registered on the computer and every user has own registry file.
With the help of Registry Healer computer administrators can correct errors in every user file found on the computer. Computer administrators don't need to log in the system under every user account any more to make registry fixes.

Simply set ON the Include all user registry files in to the scan and Registry Healer will find and scan all available registry files. You will not see [HKEY_CURRENT_USER] hive in the scan results because this hive is also connected to [HKEY_USERS]. All user registry files will look like [KEY_USERS]\<SID>, where the <SID> is the account security identificator. You should have administrator's privileges in the system.

Note: You should not use this option if one or more users on your computer have different drive letter assigment.
For example, computer administrator has these drive letters: C:, D: and Z:. A second user, Ann, has the same C: and D: but no access to the drive Z:. In this situation, administrator scanning for errors Ann's registry file may make some corrections pointing to the drive Z:. The problem is that Ann does not see drive Z: and any registry entry referring to Z: is invalid for her.

·Include only the current user registry file in to the scan option.  

If the option Include to scan all user registry files is not selected, then Registry Healer will scan only the currently active user registry [HKEY_CURRENT_USER] and the "Default user" registry file [HKEY_USERS]\.Default.

The program stores all selections and will show the same state of the items at next run.

This dialog has option:
·Show This Dialog Before the Scan  

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