Registry Healer Online Help. Windows® Registry Cleaner software. Note for machines with multiple operating systems installed
Note for machines with multiple operating systems installed
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Registry Healer should be installed under every operating system (OS) where user wants to check the registry.

Since Registry Healer searches disks for registry corrections, it is important to select drives or even folders where to search.
If your machine has several Windows® operating systems installed and different system's "Windows" or "Program Files" folders are visible for currently booted system then there're many system files with the same name in different folders. Registry Healer will find all the matched files and may suggest a file correction of not currently loaded Windows installation.

User have to exclude folders of other systems from the search for corrections. Please read the topics Select paths to search for corrections and Exclude paths from disk search for corrections.

Usually we suggest to exclude from the correction scan "Windows", "Program Files", "Documents and Settings" folders of other installed systems. Not doing so may replace local system file references (such as C:\Windows\some_file.dll) with references to a parallel system (E:\WinNT\some_file.dll). Different Windows® versions have many files with the same names but different versions.

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