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Multilanguage Support
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Registry Healer supports multiple lanquages.

Switching between languages.
Registry Healer home folder should contain one or more language files. Every language file always has the .lng extension. The default language file, english.lng, is distributed with the program and is always in the program home folder. You can create your own language files. See below for intructions.

If the application home folder contains more than one language file, it is possible to switch between languages. Select the Tools menu, then Languages - there are listed all available languages for the program. Click on the language you want switch on and the program interface will be changed.

See a screenshot

How to translate the program interface to your language:
Copy the english.lng file at the home application folder to your language name (like the "spanish.lng" or "dutch.lng"), open it with notepad or another text editor that supports UTF-8 encoding (please do not use Microsoft Word for these purposes! Notepad is the best for that operation). Replace the right side of the string "Language=English" with your language (like "Language=Spanish") and translate all texts in this file.

Please note that each string in the file that should be translated has the identifier=some text structure. You should translate ONLY some text part of each string since identifier part is used by the program to identify text entries. Also do not translate text in the brackets [..].
Check your translation by running the program and selecting your language. If you have problems with testing your language with the program do not hesitate to contact the

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