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How-to questions

·How to restore the registry I had before I ran Registry Healer?  

·How to locate a deleted Registry entry in the backup and restore it?  

·How to add a registry entry into excluded list to avoid future finding it as invalid?  

·How to remove registry traces of an old applications uninstalled a long time ago?  

·How to clean from the registry all traces of a program installed and then removed?  

·How to backup Registry Healer settings/exclusion lists?  

"A problem" questions

·After running Registry Healer, a program does not function correctly. What do I do?  

·I have multiprocessor machine and the program raises "Access Violation" error while running the scan.  

·I have a problem with Norton Systemworks after cleaning the Registry with Registry Healer. What do I do?  

·I run Registry Healer and it found many font problems. How can I be sure that there's really a problem with a font.  

·When I start Registry Healer, it gobbes all the CPU power, and sometimes the system seems hanged.  

·I run Registry Healer yesterday and then today my computer went back to the way that it was including having an unregistered copy of Registry Healer. I put the numbers back in but I had to correct the 529 errors it found in my registry again. What is happen?  

·Double-clicking on a .reg backup file does not restore backup. Instead, it runs notepad. How to fix this?  

·I found that every time when Registry Healer scans the same registry key it causes system to reboot. What is the problem?  

·On starting the system I receive: The system process C:\WINNT\SYSTEM32\SERVICES.EXE terminated unexpectedly with status code 128. The system will shut down and restart.  

·Registry Healer always stops on scanning the same registry key  

·My system runs a bit slower and applications take some time to open. What do I do?  

·My computer restarts on the scanning disks for corrections  

·I get an error message "framedyn.dll not found"  

·I can't get Registry Healer to auto run. I keep getting the comment "can't start" in windows scheduled tasks.  

·Why whenever I run the program it finds the same registry entries after I deleted them on previous run?  

·Why initial scan when when scanning for corrections is extremely slow?  

Questions about Registry Healer functionality

·What is the easiest way to verify corrections for all 1000+ invalid registry keys that the program found in my system?  

·Why HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT key is not scanned?  

·Why does Registry Healer find fewer invalid registry entries than some other registry cleaners?  

·Every time I run Registry Healer, reboot, and run Registry Healer again, it finds about 30 more invalid registry items. Why?  

·What are "empty entries" and are they safe to be deleted?  

·Correction changes when "STOP" is executed.  

·Is there a way to make Registry Healer run at scheduled times and automatically backup the registry and correct errors?  

·Why scanning the disks for corrections the second time takes less time than the first?  

·I have the default 'Excluded Paths' listed, such as :\RECYCLER\ etc.., when I'm logged on (XP Home), but not listed when using Registry Healer under the other two user names on the same PC. Why is that?  

·I noticed that I have to register the program separately under each user name on the same machine. Why?  

·Registry Healer does not correct found registry errors. What is wrong?  

·Why do some found keys have the "Leave the entry (no permission to modify)" label. How do I handle this?  

Questions related to installation

·What is the proper procedure for installing updates? Should I uninstall the previous version?  

·How do I uninstall Registry Healer?  

·Can Registry Healer run from a removable disk without actually installing it on a computer?  

Questions about registering

·What are the limitations of the unregistered version?  

·How to register the software - what do I have to enter: name: xxxxx / xxxx s/n: xxxx or else how?  

·A day ago I paid for Registry Healer. I still do not have my registration code.  

·Should I purchase a Registry Healer licence for every computer I have?  

·I registered this program some time ago and ran it on my system. I opened it today and it says I have an unregistered copy. Why?  

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