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Cut Invalid Substring correction
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A new type of correction has been added. "Cut Invalid Substring" will remove the invalid part of an entry but retain the entry in the registry.

For example, in the case of a complex registry value such as "Path"="C:\Program Files\Path1;C:\Program Files\Path2;C:\Path3;" where Registry Healer finds that the path "C:\Program Files\Path2" does not exist, the new correction type allows you to cut the invalid part from the registry value. In this example your new value will be "Path"="C:\Program Files\Path1;C:\Path3;".

In previous Registry Healer versions and other registry cleaners, it was necessary to manually modify such entries or leave then unchanged.

The program automatically offers this correction for complex registry values but does not do so for simple values such as "Path"="C:\Program Files\Path1\". If you manually set the Cut Invalid Substring correction, this will cut the whole invalid string "C:\Program Files\Path1\" (marked in red). It will leave the value "Path" empty but remaining in the registry.

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